The JourneyThe JourneyThe Journey

2hrs £80 includes full consultation

Come on a Journey with Llana Kidd, the Journey to improved Health and Wellbeing through one to one Yoga, Holistic therapies, meditation and breathing.

When I first started my Yoga training I wanted to offer my students/clients a bespoke package which would help to improve Health and Wellbeing by working with the body, mind and spirit through Yoga and Complementary therapies. The Journey is a bespoke package tailored just for you by Llana Kidd Yoga and Holistic Therapies.

Your therapy will start with a full consultation where I look at any medical conditions you have as well as your lifestyle. I will then take you through a One to One Yoga session devised especially for your needs. Careful attention is given to alignment, your comfort and wellbeing during your One to One yoga practice. The session then continues with a therapy tailored to your needs such as Eastern/Swedish Body Massage, Clinical Reflexology or Reiki/crystal therapy. I also offer breathing techniques (Pranayam) and take you through a guided meditation.

Yoga means YOU!! it’s about “coming back to you’” – The Self!! we sometimes lose ourselves through all that goes on in life!! Start your Journey today, take the step to bringing the balance back to the body and back to you. All you need to do is book your appointment today, the rest I will take you through – Step by Step!!

The Journey – 2hrs £80 includes full consultation