Bring love, peace and compassion into your life with Rose Quartz. As a crystal of the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is said to harness unconditional love, helping to heal the heart in all aspects. The energy of Rose Quartz is said to balance emotions, help with stress and anxiety and help you to release anything emotionally that no longer serves you.

This powerful but gentle crystal is said to heal the heart and bring harmony, tranquility and faith to your life.  Gazing into the pinky hues of Rose Quartz will bring happiness, beauty and ignite all passions of the heart.

Rose Quartz will attract not only love and compassion but it will also teach you the importance of self care.  Guiding you to make time to do all the things that make your soul happy.

Place Rose Quartz around the home & feel peace, calm and harmony radiate throughout your surroundings.  Place in the bath and submerge into a loving, nurturing calming energy. Wear as jewellery or carry a tumbled stone in your pocket.  Rub the crystal, imagine yourself being  surrounded by love and say a positive affirmation:  “I love myself as much as I give my love freely to others.  I am beautiful, I am brave, I am strong, I am all that I need to be!”