The meaning of the name Celestine is based on the Latin ‘caelestis’ meaning ‘heavenly’. Celestine is a very spiritual crystal indeed.   I believe we all have a guardian angel/guide who is with us from before we are born and are with us when we pass over. They watch over us and try to keep us on the right path in order for us to learn the lessons we need to in this lifetime so we can advance in the next. There are ways you can discover your guardians to receive spiritual guidance and Celestine is one of the crystals that can help you do this. Gazing on Celestine instills peace and expands your consciousness. It opens up the throat, third eye, crown, soul star and stellar gateway chakras and is said to enhance physic abilities and sharpen mental focus helping you to grow and develop in the areas you need to most. It is said to clear confusion and get rid of worries by bringing in hope and peace. This crystal gives a ray of hope and reminds you there is light in the darkness.  It is said that an angelic choir created Celestine!!! A fantastic crystal for meditation. Place in your bedroom or the place where you like to meditate. During meditation, invite your angels to come in, ask for guidance and note anything you see, feel or even hear, it is also said this crystal can stimulate Clairaudience. I always recommend you record what you experience during meditation in a note book as you will be surprised how much of this makes sense as time passes.