Allow the fiery energy of Carnelian to boost your motivation and energy.  Connected to the Sacral and Root Chakra this crystal will help you let go of fear. It will help you to take action with confidence and power in order to manifest your goals and aspirations.  The vibrant nature of this crystal not only reminds us to take care of our health and vitality but it will assist in helping you find that zest for life again through ambition and inspiration.

Meditate with Carnelian in order to manifest your dreams.  Hold the crystal in your hand, notice the bold orange shades, imagine the energy of Carnelian flowing through your whole body and concentrate on a positive affirmation: don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment & make it perfect!”

Raw/Rough Crystals

What is the difference between raw & smooth crystals? Raw/rough crystals normally lack the glamour of polished smooth stones.  They come directly from the earth in their natural state, just as they are.  Many feel that raw/rough crystals have a very pure energy due to them coming direct from Mother Nature with very little human tampering.

Due to rough crystals being a natural product from the earth, size/shape/colour of the crystal may vary.