Pregnancy MassagePregnancy MassagePregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting time as your body changes and transforms with your growing baby. It is a wonderful time but can bring aches and pains, mixed emotions and anxieties as your body prepares for childbirth.

Pregnancy massage can help Mum to be have some time out from the daily stresses of life as she focuses on herself and growing baby. Each massage is tailored to your needs and you will find this a deeply nuturing & restorative treatment as your muscles relax with each massage stroke.

You will be supported in either side lying position or semi-reclining with specially designed support cushions.

There are many benefits to having a pregnancy massage not only for you but for your growing baby.

Pregnancy Massage (including consultation)

1hr £45.00

90mins £62.00

2hrs £80.00

This therapy is unsuitable if you have the following: in the first trimester of pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, placenta previa (grade ii – iv after 32 weeks), severe polyhydramnios or oligohydramnios, placental abruptions, vaginal bleeding with uterine pain, DVT, fever. Please note a full consultation will be taken prior to the therapy taking place.