March Full Moon

Full Moon 12th March

Did anyone see the moon on Thursday night? It was amazing with the dark circle halo around it, an old superstition suggest that this signifies change is coming which ties in nicely with The March Full Moon which is known as the Crow Moon – it is named the Crow Moon for the cawing of the crows which signifies the end of winter. March is the first moon in the spring months. This is when the weather begins to turn towards spring and we see new life and transformation all around us. A really good crystal to meditate and work with is Labradorite as it is known as a crystal of transformation, change and magic!! Work with this full moon to rid yourself from the restraints of winter and feel the spring change stirring within you. Notice how these inward flowing energies are so important for the natural grand flow of life and really use this change to your advantage. Have a fantastic weekend everyone

♥ Llana x