Did you know that the base of the World Cup is made from Malachite??? I just noticed this tonight when my husband was watching the football!!! I figured there must be a reason for this crystal being drawn to my attention so thought I would write a wee blog on the wonderful crystal Malachite known as the stone of transformation.

Albert Einsten once said “Look deep into nature & you will understand everything better” (energy muse) Malachite is a crystal of transformation. It’s deep green colours symbolizes nature and reminds us that through the seasons nature is forever transforming just as we are too. We plant our seeds and watch them transform into flowers and shrubs and when the time comes we prune them in order for them to regrow and flourish. If you are drawn to Malachite it maybe a time of regrowth for you.

Known in the crystal world as the “Warrior Stone” this crystal is said to awaken us to the power of our own courage & strength, giving us the confidence & belief that we are capable of achieving our life goals.

I like to use this crystal during meditation outdoors surrounded by the green of nature to draw abundance into my life and help me release outdated patterns that no longer serve me.